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Understand Core Technology behind SuiteScript 2.0

As a netsuite solution provider we want to share, The core of  SuiteScript 2.0 came from the RequireJs and CommonJs background. RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environment. Using a modular script loader like RequireJS will improve the speed and quality of your code. Commonjs  defines a module format. Unfortunately, it was defined without giving browsers equal footing to other JavaScript environments. Because of that, there are CommonJS specification proposals for Transport formats and an asynchronous require. In NetSuite Customization and netsuite implementation    RequireJS tries to keep with the spirit of CommonJS, with using string names to refer to dependencies, and to avoid modules defining global objects, but still allow coding a module format that works well natively in the browser. RequireJS implements the Asynchronous Module Definition (formerly Transport/C) proposal. D

Understanding SuiteScript 2.0

As a NetSuite solution provider we want to share that netsuite is expanding its footprints very rapidly with new and latest technology implementation in the backend and frontend to improve the user experience. Netsuite Implementation partner and netsuite solution provider needs to take care of some important things about the technology which NetSuite is using, as after the release of SuiteScrip 2.0 NetSuite is more flexible and customizable. Following are some of the things we need to understand before going deep into netsuite customization suitescript 2.0: 1) Why SuiteScript 2.0? Optimized performance, Code in modular structure which is easy to debug in modules and enhance the functionality with performance. Using a modular script loader like RequireJS will improve the speed and quality of your code. 2) Is SuiteScript 1.0 sufficient? The SuiteScript 1.0 is based on native JavaScript but it is not able to utilize the benefits of new libraries and framework which a