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SuiteScript is the NetSuite platform built on JavaScript that enables complete customization and automation of business processes. Using the SuiteScript APIs, core business records and user information can be accessed and manipulated via scripts that are executed at pre-defined events. For example, field change, form submit, before read, before write, or Web requests. They can also be scheduled to run at specific times. SuiteScript is comprised of several components enabling the most useful customization in SaaS: Suitelets  — extensions to SuiteScript let you build a custom interface that is hosted within the NetSuite framework. Suitelets allow for completely custom HTML, Flash or NetSuite-based front-end development that can be built from scratch or by leveraging revolutionary SuiteScript UI Objects. Suitelets can also serve as the back-end for external HTML interfaces, providing complete flexibility in developing application extensions to NetSuite. SuiteScript UI Objects  — Se