There was amazing showcase of latest features as a Netsuite solution provider we saw in  #Suiteworld 2019.  The combination of Artificial intelligence, robotics, process automation NetSuite again stands out of the legacy things with the innovative model of next generation netsuite implementation .

Page Builder: The page builder gives easy to use and capability to create netsuite customization UI by drag and drop ability it’s similar to content management system. Page builder gives strength to functional folks as they don’t have to dependent on technical guys for all the small stuffs. With page builder you can select the feature or filed of functionality which you want to use and just drag and drop in the layout area. you can select the layout as different layouts may come in future.

You can select any of the layout from the above and use as per requirement. In the below screenshot you can see how simple is to create fields in the survey template.

Deployments: Another out of the box and most promising feature is The way NetSuite implementation came up with an idea of putting all the account in the same screen, it means the deployment is more easier than ever just from the same screen we need to select the account and will be able to deploy easily. In the below screenshot you can see that all the account information’s are in the same page and we need to select the account where deployment has to be done.

Approval : There are many enhancements in the approval processes. Many special features come in the window of approval so as to automate and provide more agility to the Functional domain. One of the example you can see in the below mentioned screenshot where user can see the history of the approval process in the single hover and have visibility of the blocker.

Looking into the features of this SuiteWorld we can anticipate that the NetSuite is going to give easy of customization to functional folks as well, The way NetSuite is doing RPA and implementation of AI give it cutting edge over the other competitors. NetSuite administrators will have many reasons to smile as the automation is upto next level. In the nutshell we can say that the demand of functional and domain experts in NetSuite will increase in coming future as the specification and easy customization take into the place where developer will required mostly for difficult or out of the box customization.


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