What are scheduled scripts?

Scheduled scripts are Netsuite server side scripts used for processing large amount of data/records.

What is the governance limit of scheduled scripts?

10000 units.

How is a scheduled script executed?

Scheduled script can be executed either manually from the script deployment page by clicking on save and execute or it can be executed from the scripts using scheduling api's or it can be scheduled to run at a specific time by defining it's scheduled in the deployment page.

Is it possible to overcome 10000 units limit in scheduled script?

Yes. This can be achieved in 1.0 script by first checking the remaining usage. If it is less than 200 or 100, you can set the recovery point using nlapiSetRecoveryPoint() and then yielding the script using the api nlapiYieldScript(). In 2.0, there is no option to yield script. You can place back the script in queue when remaining usage is less and pass the internal id of last processed record in the parameter if the records are being proceeded in sorted manner. In the befogging of script, you can check if internal id is passed in the parameter. If yes, then start from next record onwards by passing the filter internalidnumber greater than last proceesed records id. In 2.0 you can also use Map/reduce to process large data which has inbuilt yielding feature.

What are the deployment status available on scheduled script deployment page?

Not Scheduled: This status is set wen you want to execute the script by clicking on save and execute button or by using the scheduling api's.

Scheduled : Script will be submitted for processing at the time(s) specified on the Schedule subtab of the Script Deployment page.

Testing : Means that when the scheduled script is executed, it will run only in the script owner's account. This status is used if you want to debug the code in the debugger.

What are the different contexts in which scheduled script is executed?

scheduled - normal execution according to the deployment options specified in the UI

ondemand - the script is executed via a scheduled api from the script.

userinterface - the script is executed via the UI (the Save & Execute button has been clicked)

aborted - re-executed automatically following an aborted execution (system went down during execution)

skipped - executed automatically following downtime during which the script should have been executed.

Can a user event script be triggered from scheduled script?

If any record is submitted from scheduled script and if any before or after submit user event script is deployed on that record, then that user event script will be triggered when the record is submitted from scheduled script. The status of user event script must be released.

Can a scheduled script be triggered from a client script?

No. Scheduling api is a server side api. Instead of directly calling a scheduled script from client script, you can call a backend suitelet from client and then use the suitelet to call the scheduled script.

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